Andy’s Dental Care

Hi Baz,

Just a quick one to say thank you for the connection with regards treatment of my teeth.

I got 5 x¬†fillings, my partial plate fixed (a new tooth added) and a polish. The service was good, the interpreter great and at a very good rate. One filling for $15 (US) or about $20 (NZ). I met a tour party the next day and a women on it said she’d paid $350 for 1 x¬†filling.

Lilly (Hanh), was very helpful, she even came with us shopping and out for a meal. Give her my regards.

As a result of our trip I have been promoting Vietnam as the preferred holiday resort. I’ve convinced my son and his wife, who will be traveling before Xmas.

Baz, I really appreciate your help, take care and maybe we’ll catch up some time.

Take care, regards to Lilly.


[Testimonial, Andy, New Zealand]



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